Chuck and Alyssa

We are engineers turned farmers that made our dream of creating a high quality grass-fed Angus beef come true.  After spending several years in industry, each of us craved the simple life of the farm over the professional daily grind.  Being meticulous and detail oriented, we spent time researching how to be successful.  To our surprise, we found that to create the best beef we had to be grass farmers before cattle caretakers.  We are excited to share our heritage beef for others to enjoy.

Charles and Lynda

The current full time caretakers and residents of the farm, living in a house Charles built for them after Lynda’s parents and grandparents farm home started to deteriorate with age.  Charles is a retired teacher and woodworker who has used timber cut from the farm to craft cabinets and flooring in homes he has built for his family.  Lynda is a retired lab technician for some of this area’s best known doctors offices.  Lynda is full of stories from her childhood growing up on this farm as well as a wealth of knowledge in the heritage of the farm.  

The Farm

Two brothers moved to Tennessee from Pennsylvania in the early 1800’s and established this land in 1835 as a farm to raise family on, cultivate, and make a living from. The family grew abundantly and eventually the land was divided into seven tracts.  Family passed along their tracts to others and some have been sold throughout the years.  However this tract has remained a part of the same family for eight generations.  Throughout the years the family has utilized the land to sustain themselves as well as provide for the community.  Crops were grown, grains were thrashed, animals were raised, hides were tanned, gardens were grown. For the last 100 years the farm has raised and bred Angus cattle.  As the seasons changed and generations passed this land was always a source of income for the family.  This meant working the land to keep it thriving, those are not pesticides or herbicides you see but liquid minerals to feed the soil the nutrients it needs to thrive year after year.

Our Herd

Generations of black Angus cattle dating back over a century have called our farm home.  Our cows are bred, born, and raised on the farm where they graze our pastures year round.  When the Tennessee weather depletes the forage we supplement their diet with hay raised in the valley and fodder grown hydroponically.  The only new cattle brought to the farm include a new herd bull every few years to prevent cross breeding and continue creating future generations of cattle.  Additionally in 2018 we brought six registered Angus heifers to the farm as an additional growth opportunity for the farm.  The registered herd was kept separate from the main herd for almost two years before integration to verify we maintained proper biosecurity.  

Our Vision

Why Us?

We commit to providing the best care to our animals and provide you with a product that is undoubtedly grass-fed and finished each with a personal biography of their life.  Our animals are born and raised in the Tennessee mountain valleys where we can ensure they receive the proper protocols to align with a naturally healthy herd management.  We  want to produce the finest quality instead of mass quantity; treating our animals humanely with care and respect.  We want to protect both the animals health and yours by not introducing growth hormones or using antibiotics on animals produced for your consumption.  We believe that creating the best quality grass-fed meat starts with the soil and grass therefore we must manage our pastures along with our beef.  

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